Florida World Imperial Beauty 2019 Jr Teen

Hello, my name is Georgina Paez and I am the new Florida World Imperial Beauty 2019 Jr Teen

I’m a regular teen who has danced since she was two years old and had been in competition dancing for most of her life!

In 2017 I won the national championship for dance in San Antonio, Texas.


Other than my dancing which I’ve done as I said since I was two years old; I have been modeling the last few years and I have already filmed two short films.  I am about to begin filming my third film within the next few months.   I had my first movie premier on December 12, 2017 for the short film “Stillborn”.

Upon my return from my wonderful and successful National Dance Competition trip, I went to see a spinal surgeon.  My Mom thought I might have scoliosis because I had been having consistent back pain.


I thought it was because of all the exercising and conditioning I had to do to perform as expected in the competition team.


IN my visit to the Spinal Specialist, I was told that I had an urgent case of “High-Grade Spondylolisthesis”, which is when your lowest vertebrae slips out and dangles by one of the nerves that runs thru your legs.

I was told I needed to have urgent surgery. At first I didn’t even understand what was happening.   I was angry!  I was frustrated because I was told I could not dance until after the surgery.  At that it would take 3 to 6 months for recovery!   I had the surgery on the 18th of August.  Finally, after struggling with the first three months of recovery; in November when I thought


I was going to be released for physical therapy I was told I had to wait until after April to even start physical therapy!  It would be 3 to 6 months after physical therapy that I possibly be able to dance again!  I thought my life was over!


Though I was trying to be positive I was completely depressed and when I went to the casting for a major fashion show sponsored by Macy’s and hosted by DAMA modeling School, I was shocked that I was elected to compete in a pageant for the USA National Miss South Florida Preteen title.

I had never done pageants this was totally new to me and at first, I was petrified!  But, I knew I had to try and move on and be strong.    I was shocked when I was crowned Miss South Florida preteen and took another six awards!


As you can imagine that put a smile on my face and gave me a reason to try and get involved in this whole new world!   I would be going to compete for the state crown in early January.

My mom immediately arranged for daily classes with a coach that would come to my home.  My coach came everyday even on New Year’s Eve!  At State, I was blessed with once again getting the 2nd crown and I was crowned Miss USA National Suncoast preteen on January 12th, 2018.

Entering this world has given me two wonderful things one has been hope and will power to continue to fight, survive and never give up.  The other is to feel that it has given me a voice.

A voice to share my experience with other people and let them know to never give up.


In the world of pageants, you are expected to find a platform.
Yet liking everything else, you truly need to believe in that platform and your heart has to truly be into it 100%.

I chose my platform to be a mix of two things one is to speak up in light of bullying

The other part of my platform is to learn to fight our inner fears to work hard to achieve our dreams and to never let anything get in our way. Therefore self confidence.


Pageantry has allowed me to find myself, believe in myself and learn that there is nothing that can’t be turned into a positive.   I have made new friends, gained poise and confidence both physically as well as emotionally and I have found a reason and a way to get involved in charities that I am passionate about as well as community events that allow me to get involved and help others.


I am so grateful for this opportunity as I have been able to meet diverse groups out there that are less fortunate, and I can make a difference by giving them my time and sharing a little of what I am blessed to have.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience, to share my thoughts and my feelings and hopefully the words of what is only a young girl can be found useful to someone out there going thru something similar.    Though I am not street savvy these words are based on my experience and my desire to help will touch someone in a positive way even if only in the slightest form.




Thank you again for following me as I continue my journey and wholehearted efforts to fulfill my Dreams.